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Manual Handling Policy

Each of the company’s workers is to be provided with practicable methods of undertaking Manual Handling (MH) tasks that minimize or prevent their exposure to risks


Processes include:
  1. Adopting appropriate Risk Management processes and proactively consulting with workers and identified stakeholders to ensure Manual Handling risks are identified and managed.
  2. Complying with the Queensland Work Health and Safety Act 2011,
  3. Complying with the Queensland Work Health and Safety Regulations 2011;
  4. Complying with the Queensland Hazardous Manual Tasks Code of practice 2011.
To consider ergonomic / MH risks arising from the controls relating to;
  1. Work organisation; examine opportunities to rotate workers and /or rearrange the work flow to avoid workload peaks
  2. Task–Specific Training; in Safe Work Method Statements,
  3. A Preventative Maintenance Program to service and maintain tools and MH equipment on a regular basis, to ensure the effort needed to operate them in not increased.
  4. Regularly monitor and review the effectiveness of implemented MH control measures

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